Slenderman Must Die - Silent Streets + Christmas Special - Explore City Streets and Winter Forest (Christmas Special). - Awesome Graphics - Get ready for Holidays with Best Slenderman game ever! Silent streets in Silent City. Find 8 pages before he gets you. Are you a hunter or a prey ? Christmas Special. Find 7 presents to defeat Slenderman and his evil companions! Good Luck!

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Zombie Doctor Rip

Play the ultimate Zombie Doctor Exciting Island game for endless amounts of fun. Zombie Doctor Exciting Island game is the most entertain and fascinate game that you will find! If you are ready for flying, hurried and fast game play. Zombie Doctor Exciting Island game is perfect! We have a superb range of stages waiting to be explored. Worlds of Zombie Doctor Exciting Island: We designed four different Phases for the rich game play experience to activate yourself. • Island • Underground • Sky • Winter Zombie Doctor Exciting Island is one of the best free Android Zombie game in play store. Zombie! Zombie is one of the most terrified iconic gaming characters in existence. Everyone has heard of the Zombie who lives in a fantasy world full of creepy, dreadful and ghoulish nature. Zombie Doctor Footsteps!! • Use fast taps to pull off quick moves, spins, and wall jumps to collect coins and reach the goal! • Try to avoid obstacles and run for as long as possible without crashing! Control Zombie by tapping left & Right controls as he constantly runs forward. Zombie Doctor Exciting Island is a collection of different challenges and genres. Zombie walks..!! • Attackers typically block your way • Quick taps to increase the Zombie run to complete the level • Collect coins to gain more powers • Catch the Fruits to increase your Zombie life line Features: • Level based game play • Characters: Zombie & DR Zombie • Unique worlds • Exciting Levels • New themes • Smooth game play • Effortless controls